Packing Tips


Use The Right Box

Ordinarily, you will need four small to medium-sized boxes for every one large box.  use the larger boxes for lighter items like blankets, linens andWoman Packing Boxes bedding.  Use the smaller boxes for heavy items like books and dishes.

Don't Overload

You should not pack boxes heavier than you can lift.  You will also want to be sure that the box remains "square" so that you will be able to stack properly.

Label Label Label

Label the contents of every box with a heavy black marker.  This will make it easier later to find items without opening every box.

This Side Up

Mark boxes clearly that should always be handled and stacked with a definative top.  Items like glassware, picture farmes and lamps that could otherwise bestorage boxes damaged.

It's not Garbage

Use boxes and proper packing materials for professional results.  Garbage bags will get squished, dinged, ripped and worse yet - full of mildew from lack of ventilation

Tape Matters

Good quality packing tape is essential for boxes to stay shut.

Hang It Up

Your clothes should not be in a pile on the floor at home, so why pile them in a box in your storage unit?  Use handing wardrobe boxes so they have room to breathe.  Also good for drapes and other fabrics that need some TLC.

Think Small

Many stored items can be made smaller, especially bed frames. Wrap frames together with a few rounds of tape (use the non-sticky side for not tape residue):
place any screws or bolts in a plastic bag and tape to frame.

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