Storage Tips

No need for hidden treasures here!  Simply jot down a basic drawing point out locations for all "must find items" again.  Then take it to the wall and let your memory work hard elsewhere.

Divide & ConquerCouple Packing boxes

Clear a path down the center of your unit, placing items along the walls so that you will be able to get to the back of your storage unit without taking everything out.

Front = Frequent

Plan to keep your frequently used items at the front of your storage unit.

When you Pack - Think Stack

Make the best use of your space by stacking to the ceiling.  To do this safely, pack heavy items at the bottom of boxes to provide a stable base, then place the heaviest boxes at the bottom of the stack.

 Handy Tool Caddy

Keeping some basic tools like screwdrivers, hammer, pliers and a utility knife around will pay off big when removing removable.

Talking Walls

If walls could talk they would say please leave an inch between us and the boxes!  All will coesxist peacefully if you keep this distance in mind for proper air circulation.

Re-Purpose the Re-FridgeFamily Packing Boxes

Use the inside of the refridgerator to store things that fit.  How about books, CDs . . . just leave the door wedged open for circulation.

Dress for Success

Simply cover and pad beds and furniture with protective materials designed specifically for them to help ensure they stay in perfect condition.

Trash Stuff

Storing empty trash containers?  Stash your shovels, hoses and garden supplies inside!

Fume Less

Drain the fuel of lawnmowers, weedwackers and leaf blowers before storing.  Removing nasty funes mean you'll never be angered by your oak dresser smelling like a lawnmower.

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